Reduce Recycle Reuse Replant

"Good design is sustainable design." Iman Amed 
At Hueppi, we have a firm commitment to safety and quality to maintain sustainable production.
The goods we offer to our kids have to be safe not just for their body, but also for their future.

For the present& the future;

We believe in sustainable happiness and raise a hue.
Printed with water-based eco-friendly Italian inks, Hueppi rugs do not contain any harmful chemicals and toxic substances.

All Hueppi rugs are tested for harmful chemicals and VOCs -so the air our kids breathe at home is cleaner and the touch of their delicate skin is secure- and certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX by independent Centexbel Laboratory. 
The most valuable legacy we will leave to our beloved ones is not our belongings, but the world.To sustain a safe journey for the tiny feet and the feathered, furry or scaly all animal friends on the colorful fun lands, we reduce and recycle the waste, reuse and replant.

In collaboration with the world’s leading and reliable GRS certified recycled fibre brand Repreve, we transform fibers recycled from plastic bottles polluting our oceans and landfills into durable playful rugs. To create each Hueppi rug, up to 340 bottles are kept out of the landfills & oceans and prevent harming our planet, while adding happy hues to kids’ rooms.

Finally, as kid’s rooms bloom, we plant a tree for each Hueppi rug purchased in collaboration with Aegean Forest Foundation.