Rugs & Happiness

Hueppi brings its experience and know-how in home textiles to kids’ rugs with an environmentalist approach. It creates cheerful living spaces where children spend pleasant time with rugs bringing together sustainable textile with art, color and design with fun. 

There are magical hands performing behind these fun rugs inspired by the kids’ enthusiasm and colorful stories referring to happiness.

Hueppi rugs introduce kid's rooms to art with hand painted compositions of instructor and artist Reysi Kamhi Mitrani - the founder of Journey Art- taking kids to wonderland, the blossoming animal friends of Spanish illustrator Mia Charro, the paintings of American artist Jessi Raulet (EttaVee) living in France only be described as reflections of a rainbow, the drawings of Sara Berrenson embracing the identity “Life in Bloom” to encourage kids to thrive and surround themselves with beauty and happiness.