A Guide To Choosing the Best Kid-Friendly Rug

A kids bedroom should be his/ her cocoon. It is more than just a place to sleep; it's a place for them to explore their creativity and have countless hours of fun.

While designing a kids room, remember every child needs a place to call their own to expand the boundaries with play and imagination. So dont be afraid to choose colorful accessories and playful furniture to create a space to support your childs imagination run wild.


5 Key Elements To Choose The Best Rug For Your Kid

Patterns and Colors

Studies conducted in the recent years show that color plays a significant role on an infants brain and body development, cognitive growth and learning process by helping to stimulate a childs creativity and imagination, yet influences mood and behavior as well. Exposure to some certain colors can improve the sleep habits, improve memory power and enhance academic performance.

Enhancing your kid’s room decor and choosing a kids rug, it is ideal to avoid monochromatic or muted themes and and go for a variety of colors and patterns for a nurturing environment!

Safety First!

Babies are natural born explorers. They discover the world through their senses and play. Breathing, mouthing, crawling and later walking makes the importance of baby proof products crucial to create a safe environment to play in. 

If you consider a new rug to decorate your kids room, always check if it is globally certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® verifying that the final good has been tested for more than 350 harmful substances and toxic chemicals, and make sure to choose a non-slip rug to avoid any accidental falls for a peaceful mind.

Choosing The Right Material

Most of the newborns are prone to allergies. When choosing a rug for your child’s room, dust-free hypoallergenic rugs are ideal options. With an innovative and environmentalist approach, Repreve fibers give a dust-free and hypoallergenic structure to machine-woven rugs and do not trigger any allergies.

Functionality: Enjoy The Mess

Always choose a machine washable kid’s rug for dirt and spills are inevitable for kids rooms. Therefore with an easy-clean rug, you can ensure a more free and comfortable living space for your kid and yourself!

Be aware that rugs woven with recycled fibers are more durable and stain-resistant, making it advantageous compared to cotton, wool or polypropylene rugs.

Choose The Sustainable

Remember the most valuable legacy we will leave to our children is not our belongings, but the world. Always choose the sustainable option for a better future for all living species when you are in doubt.

Most importantly, pay attention to your kids’ tastes and preferences for choosing the best rug to foster their imagination and joie de vivre.

Hueppi offers fun and colorful children’s rugs for playrooms, bedrooms and nurseries catering to children of all ages - newborns to teens. 


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